Wholesale Service Introduction

1. MOQ :We don’t have minimum order quantity. We accept the order for even one set product. Meanwhile, we offer discounts for bulk wholesales. The more you buy the more discounts you get.


2. Price: The price marked on the website is the real price, the price is also for one set. You can get a more competitive lower price if you order quantity reach a certain number. You can get more detailed information from our discount page.


3. Services: Since we have a large number of products styles, we usually only have small quantity of production for a certain style, so a certain percentage rate of shortage is normal, approximately 1%. When this happens, we will follow our processes for dealing with shortages,


a. Every afternoon at 17:00 GTM (East 8 District pm) we cut a single, before this time's paid orders will be processed the same day, after this time the orders, documents will be processed the next day.


b. When you encounter out of stock orders, we will notify you within 48 hours (subject to time for cutting a single) You can take two ways to process your order. The first method: We directly refund the price of the products that out of stock and the corresponding freight (corresponding to the total freight transportation volume / number), then notify us send your order directly. After receiving the products you ordered and checking out there is no problems of the products, then we will refund, you can choose to direct credit to your account in the balance on our site, or we can refund inside your PayPal account, Note: We cannot use Western Union for a refund. 

The second way: replace, please notify us remove the products that out of stocks from your order, so that our system will recalculate the value of your order, we will refund directly to your balance account, so that you can re-purchase our products using the balance, we will prepare them in another 48 hours and ship them for you.

c. If we do not receive your response within 48 hours, in order not to delay the order processing, we will directly process with the first approach, we will refund the difference to your account balance in our website. Direct ship and we will e-mail to inform you, so if you need us to retreat to your PayPal account balance, you can notify us.


4. If your order quantity is large enough, (usually the total amount above 5000 $ US orders), please contact our online customer service, you will not be limited by the above terms of wholesale service. For instance, we can choose a more favorable distribution services such as shipping, we will have a dedicated customer service to track your order to ensure that your order can be sent smoothly.


5. For the other outstanding issues, please contact our online customer service, we will be happy to serve you. Thank you


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